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One of the biggest challenges of any business is trying to fit yourself into the mold of an industry.  With Startegy we recognized this issue and created different pathways so that any business who has expenses and makes money will benefit from Startegy.

The expenses, people, cash sections are there for you to use if you have these. Typically every business has at least a few expenses even if it's just you in a sole proprietorship wondering how much you can pay yourself.  

For businesses that may have a complex method of generating revenue, it may be easier to look at overall revenue or group revenue into different categories.  To do this, go to the Sales section, click Add Revenue, and then select "Product" or "Service."  If you clicked Product, then select "Product Group."  If you selected Service, then select "General."  Both of these categories are formatted for you to look at overall revenue in your business.  You can also group products and services together and add multiple groups or categories.

You can move the revenue and variable expenses sliders to get the exact numbers that match your business plan.  In these channels that you can adjust variable expenses and set them according to Markup, Margin, or Multiplier.  

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