The Strategy and Implementation section is all about how you will connect with your customers while running a sustainable business.  Feel free to include whatever you believe is the best information.


In the overview section, give a specific outline on how you will promote and sell your product and services.  Include your goals and ways that you will keep customers and gain new ones.  What are your plans to advertise?  What media forms or channels of advertising will you use? Are you hiring outside of your business for marketing?  Do your best to answer these questions. 


The Sales section is focused on your plan of attack for getting sales into your business.  What sales activities will you use? Example: Cold calls, webinars, door-to-door sales.  Explain the beginning to the end of your sales process.  How long do your customers have until payment is due?  Are you hiring outside of your business for sales? How much training is involved?  Be as specific as possible.


These are objectives/goals that are set to be achieved.  Generally these
are set on specific timeframes so that one can measure the overall
growth of the company.  Include milestones / goals that you have in place to stay on track?  3 Years of milestones will be beneficial for Venture Capitalists.  Make sure all of your milestones are reasonable and clearly defined.

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