After you have added products and services into the software, the business plan will automatically input a revenue chart and a list of your products and services.  At any point if you want to adjust the numbers, you can always go back to the sales section and edit an individual product or service.  

In this portion of the business plan, it's important to give a basic rundown or summary of how your business makes money.  Each product or service has the sections of: Description, Benefits, Features, and Technology.  These are here for you to include any specifics that are relevant to those reading your business plan.  If any of these sections aren't necessary, feel free to not include them in your business plan.

Each section below is allowed for you to showcase your product/service.   If this information is very obvious, it may be best to not include this information.


This section always you to describe and educate the reader as to exactly what your product or service is and does.  Focus on what is unique and attractive to the consumer.  Also give a rundown of how the sales process works and the product or service is delivered.  If you offer any guarantees, or other things be sure to include them here.


This can be the overall function and a detailed explanation of the customers experience.  Having constant users or customers who come back is a huge advantage as they often share your products and services with their friends. 


Describe how the product or service relieves pain or benefits customers. Include what really stands out about your company's approach.  You may want to answer the questions of why each feature is important.


If what you sell is pretty technical, use this section to give a simple overview.  Don't divulge any secrets by any means, but give enough information so that you sound knowledgeable about what you are offering.

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