The net income statement shows the business with the financial performance over a specific time period.  Basically, it breaks down revenue and expenses and allows you to see the profit or loss of your business.  When setting up your business plan, it's important to select the time frame that you want those viewing your business plan to see.  

Introduction Title and Description

In this section, we allow you to type up a short introduction if you would like.  This is up to you and isn't a requirement for the business plan.  

Chart and Net Income Statement

Even though it's very important to include the net income statement, we still give you the ability to select or deselect if you want to include the following.

Revenue / Net Income Chart- This is the big picture of revenue and net income over a time frame.

Net Income Statement- This shows revenue and net income but also gets into much more detail with your sales and expenses.

Net Income Analysis

At the end of this section, it may be important to highlight specific events or reasons as to why the forecast is the way it is.  It's always nice to list some assumptions so the reader of the business plan can fully grasp that the projected forecast is based on certain variables.

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