Your most valuable part of your business is quite often your team members.  In this section you will be able to highlight specific experience and skills and focus on the value they are bringing your business.  In each one of the following sections, the business plan will show you the expenses over your selected time-frame.  You can share this information about each team member.

Feel free to leave out some information if you don't believe it has any relevance for your audience of your business plan.


This is anyone who owns part of the company.  If you are a sole proprietorship, then it's probably just you.  If you have a partnership, this should include you and your partners.  Make sure each person in this section is clearly defined in terms of roles, responsibilities, and overall value they are contributing.


These are people you must pay some taxes on and provide them with a W2 tax statement.  Include anyone that has special skills, experience, or that is of great worth to your business.


These are people you don't pay any taxes on or need to provide benefits. Generally they are hired on a per contract basis.  From time to time it may be useful to hire contractors who will generally have specific skills that your business needs.  Include any relevant information for each one of your contractors if you have them.

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