An executive generally refers to someone who has control or senior management in the business.  With that in mind, the executive summary is a pitch about what makes your company different.

Some basic questions that may be answered here are as follows.

Why is your company offerings beneficial to the market?

What objectives do you have?

What makes this company unique and special? 

How do you want to be viewed by the public?

What keys to success do you and your company have?

The executive summary doesn't need to be more than a couple paragraphs.  It should be short and to the point while being informative.  Another item to include in the executive summary is if you have any investment needs.

Investment Needs

Don't be shy about being upfront with the funding you are looking for.  If you need investment be upfront and don't try and hide anything.  Trust goes along way to securing a loan or investment.  

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