Cover Page

Whether we want it to be true or not, first impressions do matter.  With a business plan, the cover page is going to be the first impression so let's make it count.

There are a few templates to choose from that will give you an overall theme for the business plan.  From there it is completely up to you to choose the font, logo, and tagline that is most appropriate for your business.  Setting up the logo and the overall display should look clean and simple.  This will show that your business plan is a well thought out document that will rid all confusion.

You can choose to include "Confidential" for privacy.  This may give a feeling to those your show that you are trusting them and it is important.

Also you may include the date and the main contact information.  

In any of these sections, you can change "Confidential," contact information, taglines, company name, logo, dates, or whatever you feel is best.  

There is no 100% perfect way to do a cover page so feel free to change or display whatever you want on this page.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement is the "Why" of your business. This is not a section to talk about profits and revenues but an opportunity to help those reading to grasp the importance of your business for others.

Here are a few ideas to include in this section.

If you have a market defining short story.
What are your objectives with your business?  
What will cause people to hold to your brand?  

Many customers repeatedly buy because a product or service causes them to feel a certain way.  Be sure to include the vision of your business.

This section should be unique to your company.  You can always keep adding or editing this section as time goes on. 

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