Give a brief history of the company

This should outline some of the basics including, how long the company
has been around, strengths and weaknesses, and a clear understanding
of what the company does in the marketplace. 

What is the legal structure of your business?  LLC, Partnership, etc.  If you have a website, what is the URL? Do you have any mobile apps?  Be sure to include the amount of web traffic. If mobile app, be sure to include the amount of downloads, and active monthly users.  Include industry or company risks that you may face.  

Legal Codes

Are there any codes that your company or products and services are required to meet?  Example. Health codes, CE, CSA, UL, ATEX, IEC.  These are very important because they often have barriers to entry for you or your competition.  Also there may be different fees or insurance you may need depending on your type of business and your offerings of services and products.


What types of insurance do you currently have? Add any others that you are needing to obtain?  Having the right insurance may save your business someday. There are numerous lawsuits happening all the time and companies that don't have the right insurance policies in place may face bankruptcy and individual losses.


Give a description and location of all the facilities.  Is the location a strength for your business?  List all facilities and include the length of time your business has used each facility.  Be sure to include if you rent or own and give the specifics for each facility or property.

Start-Up Plan and Costs

If you have additional research and development costs or any other initial costs that are necessary to get your business started or expanded, include them here.  Setting up the business and getting things in place or expanding can be very costly.

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